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SMS Gateway

CS Networks Premium SMS Gateway provides secure, reliable and high throughput capacity for sending and receiving SMS to wireless service providers, mobile operators, MVNOs, enterprises and bulk sms aggregators.

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CS Networks provides technology solutions with a focus on mission-critical business environments. CS Networks producst are open, integrated, and complete. We deliver unique value for customers through the integration of server, networking and software to deliver some of the most scalable, reliable, and secure products available. Our integrated solutions are optimized to improve transactional efficiencies and deliver performance levels required by the industry. And because CS Networks systems are built on open standards, they can be controled and upgraded in every possible aspect.

CS Networks has always operated under the belief that strong corporate governance practices are the foundation of a successful, well run company. Ensuring that CS Networks is seen as an entity with high ethical standards by investors, customers, vendors and its employees is of significant importance to everyone at CS Networks. In addition, CS Networks has always been diligent in establishing, maintaining and auditing our policies which are consistent with requirements of the Generally Accepted Principles in IT Business and for reporting our results with objectivity and the highest degree of integrity. We are committed to providing information that is transparent, timely, complete, relevant and accurate.

Further, CS Networks is committed to establishing an operating framework which exercises appropriate oversight of responsibilities at all levels throughout the company and to managing its affairs consistent with the highest principles of business ethics. We are dedicated to maintaining high standards of IT Business. Our culture requires integrity and a commitment to strong internal practices and policies. We have the highest confidence in our services and the underlying system of controls, but most importantly, we have high confidence in our people who are the foundation of our success.