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CS Networks, a mobile messaging leader whose specialty is wholesale projects and mission-critical SMS traffic have announced a common investment in telecommunication with the Georgian Mobile Network Operator, GlobalCell. The British Telecommunication and a Mobile Security provider provide cutting-edge solutions and state-of-the –art services in providing critical numbering plans, SMS Gateway, Messaging Platforms, and SMS hub. On the other hand, the Georgian Mobile Network Operator has been providing informational services, communication strategies, money transfer services, as well as Internet provision.


After an extensive research of the Mobile network providers, CS Network Solutions Limited decided to expand its territories to Georgia by signing a mutual investment with GlobalCell. The Chief Executive Officer of CS Networks, Milinko Isakovic, said that the mutual entity will act as a turning point for the two companies in Georgia for the development of Georgia’s telecommunication sector, as well as improving the interconnection platform between the entities. “We are very confident that our agreement with GlobalCell is a roadmap in the right direction.”


GlobalCell provide 3G and 4G telecommunication, as well as value added services including SMS payments, Global Tickets, Money Transfers, and other related services in telecommunications. Thanks to its expert designers and references, GlobalCell has licenses for design and development of SIM-Cards and provision of mobile international numbers. “This agreement will place us in a very strong position to expand our business and create innovative new services in Georgia, helping us to achieve our ambition of providing quality services to our customers.”


“CS Networks expansion of a mutual investment in mobile security and telecommunications demands for a reliable and a strong partner to meet the business objectives, and its criteria of the most sought after markets. Our products and services are dedicated to bring efficient and effective ways of mobile network security the world. GlobalCell, on the other hand, is a company that offers its customers the most incredible, large scale, and the best quality connection in roaming. As a result, we, therefore, decided to extend our business boundaries to Georgia by allowing the two companies to sign an agreement to provide new and better services to the customers.” Said Stefan Certic – Chief Technology Officer CS Network Security Solutions Limited.


As a magnanimous gesture of commitment to the collective investment agreement, CS Networks has laid aside a whopping $2million solely for developing the telecommunication sector in Georgia as well as building and improving the interconnection platform along with GlobalCell. “We are very delighted to be working together with CS Networks as one of the best providers of mobile network security across the globe. This partnership will extend our mutual relationship with CS Networks and brings compelling benefits to all parties. GlobalCell’s expertise in designing SIM-cards and our commitment to providing top-notch quality services will allow CS Networks to implement its SMS Gateway services to our customers,” said GlobalCell’s Executive Manager, Giorgi Maduashvili.


The agreement between the two entities represents an important step in GlobalCell’s efforts to control operating services and improving efficiency across the 133 countries where it provides free incoming calls in roaming and in 196 countries in the world. Additionally, the partners expect a fair share their research, technological knowhow, empirical evidence, and expertise gathered from every other market within the alliance. The partners will focus on establishing new security products, providing safer and more efficient data transmission in 3G and 4G.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 17, 2013


CS Networks, a leader in mobile messaging that specializes in mission-critical traffic and wholesale projects, today announced the launch of the Number Portability Discovery service. This cutting-edge solution is designed to provide critical numbering plan and number portability information about more than 2.5 billion telephone numbers (and counting) affected by number portability in over 55 countries globally. The service will also be collecting numbering plan data from every country on the planet.

By allowing service providers to identify the correct destination and, thus, efficiently route voice and data services over an internet protocol (IP) network, Number Portability Discovery helps reduce operational costs, optimize pricing, increase traffic delivery rates and eliminate incremental fees. Aside from providing the network information required to determine the owner of a given phone number, all services associated with that number and the most cost-effective route to reach the number, this solution validates interconnect agreements used by operators to establish interworking for VoIP, MMS and other related services.

CS Networks’ new service also makes it possible for operators to utilize a high-performance ENUM query engine without having to purchase and operate private ENUM servers, thus cutting their capital investment. It enables carriers’ switches to query the latest routing information for a given telephone number in order to complete a call or message to that subscriber in the most cost-effective way.

Number Portability Discovery is an industry-wide solution utilizing CS Networks’ extensive database of ported numbers to make it easier for carriers, hubs and service providers to improve their VOIP, SMS and MMS performance against the most recent number portability challenges.

CS Networks is a London-based provider of mobile messaging (SMS) solutions offering global MT termination options (covering more than 800 networks). The company has quickly grown into an important player in the telecommunications market specializing in mission critical traffic and high-volume (wholesale) projects. Apart from hosting a number of its own SMSC’s, CS Networks also has over 40 direct connections with MNO’s globally, which puts them high in the value chain.


Phone Call-based Authentication is vulnerable to Call Forwarding Exploit.

According to a research conducted by CS Networks, a global provider of mobile security and messaging products, modern technology is facing dramatic security concerns in the approaches of two-step verification, especially the phone call-based one. Results are pointing to a serious exploit. “Your calls may be forwarded at any time without your knowledge.”

Recent technology developments have resulted in the merging of legacy SS7 telephone network and Internet in a bid to cut down the expenses incurred by mobile operators. There is an industry-wide adoption of those hybrid products. However, a lack of access control in the legacy network protocols that are now exposed to attacks via internet may come with a price.

According to the tests performed, more than 60% of randomly selected mobile operators are prone to unauthorized call forwarding. An attacker can easily get all the information needed, such as a customer's SIM Card IMSI, to authorize himself on the network and send a specially crafted packet activating the card forwarding service with a destination number of his choice.

In practice, an attacker with the knowledge of  the customer's valid phone number can easily click on “Forgot Password” button and wait for the password reset call confirmation PIN. - It's simple as that, according to Stefan Certic, Chief Technologies Officer of CS Networks.

In a recent research paper – The Future of Mobile Security, Stefan is describing (M)Secure, a next-generation two-step authentication product relying on a patent pending call forwarding indication technology. “The goal is to prevent bad guys from stealing your sensitive data by disabling a call to an active call forwarding subscriber.”

Company executives are inviting all interested service providers to a quick demonstration of the security exploit.

“All interested companies are more then welcome to apply for live demonstration of the forwarding exploit. The (M)Secure technology has already found its way to a large number of banking and financial institutions after a successful presentation at the Mobile World Congress as recent hacks of major industry players have shown that traditional authentication methods are no longer enough”.


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