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London, United Kingdom January 03, 2013


CS Networks, Global SMS messaging provider, announced exciting new products for the upcoming year focusing, on mobile security. CS Networks is developing a safe and secure fraud prevention environment API for credit card payments and mobile banking transactions.


"Financial institutions are aware that they need mobile security in place, but many are still shooting in the dark. As a solution the provider with comprehensive experience in SMS, mobile technology, innovative approaches and proven reliability, it was a logical decision to open up for a market demand and proudly step into the whole new arena," said company CTO Stefan Certic.


The general purpose of mobile technology in today’s financial industry is providing alerts, with CS Networks presence as a provider of alerts and information. But let's face it - Mobile services are evolving. It is time to replace traditional wallets with more advanced handheld devices.


Banks, Credit unions and payment processors need strong and reliable set of products to meet a reasonable level of security and fraud prevention. As a mobile messaging company providing different a set of alerting and reporting services with focus on Banks and Enterprise Business, it would be far easier to take advantage of our existing infrastructure, packed with brand new products to detect fraudulent payments, as well as to handle high-risk transactions with advanced two-step verification.


Some big financial institutions have already signed appointments and shared their interest in CS Networks new technology, however, company executives are expecting wide adoption after the upcoming official products demonstration at Barcelona Mobile World Congress in February.


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