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SMS Gateway

CS Networks Premium SMS Gateway provides secure, reliable and high throughput capacity for sending and receiving SMS to wireless service providers, mobile operators, MVNOs, enterprises and bulk sms aggregators.

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CS Networks Two-Step Authentication platform provides additional layer of security for your web application. It is simple to integrate through (M)Secure API and provide simple solution to verify authenticity by sending one-time randomly generated sign-in password.

Unlike other solutions relaying on Voice Calls which can be easily spoofed by hackers using call divert services, CS Networks (M)Secure API validate customers through SMS strictly to non diverted numbers.


How it works?

  • Your application sends request to our server with a mobile number as a parameter.
  • Our application returns Unique Transaction ID and send randomly generated Token to a given number.
  • Customer needs to enter received token.
  • Your application validate entered token against Transaction ID,
    and get response from our server whether the token is Valid or not.
    Ether approving or denying access to sensitive data. 


What are the benefits?

Unlike standard Two-Step Authentication, CS Networks invented a bit different algorithm to prevent data segmentation in single place. Keeping all sensitive data required for authentication in single system open up a possibility of successful exploit by hacking a single system. Having in mind of minimum three parities in authorization process, including your application, customer, and cs networks platform, our two-step authentication makes exploit impossible if only one system is not controlled by an attacker.

  • Your Application is aware of username, password, and transaction ID.
  • CS Networks is aware of a mobile number and authorization token.
  • Customer is aware of username, password, and authorization token. 


Why (M)Secure?

CS Network Two Way Authentication is designed for everyone who needs to protect themselves from unauthorized access by stealing password, social engineering and similar techniques of gaining access without proper permissions.

2-step authentication significantly decreases the chances of having the personal information of your customers taken by someone else. The key reason why is simply because bad guys must not only get their password and your username, but a control of their mobile phone as well.

CS Networks (M)Secure suite can be configured to perform additional checks to determinate possible fraud score based mobile physical location and state, as well to detect forwarded / possibly spoofed numbers. Advanced utilities of (M)Secure are developed for banking and financial insurance institutions to provide highest possible level of security and fraud prevention.


 Download CS Networks TWO-Step Authentification Specification.