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CS Networks Premium SMS Gateway provides secure, reliable and high throughput capacity for sending and receiving SMS to wireless service providers, mobile operators, MVNOs, enterprises and bulk sms aggregators.

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CS Networks, the British telecommunication and mobile security provider rendering cutting-edge solutions and state-of-the–art services related to critical numbering plans, SMS Gateways, Messaging Platforms, and an SMS hub for mobile operator interconnectivity is announcing breakthroughs from the research center, as well as new products based on the recent research.


“In this 21st century communication plays a very important role. Communication is used by approximately 90% of population, by Law Enforcement and Defense. At the time of war communication plays crucial role. Without communication, war is more like running blindfolded across a busy road.” – says Akib Sayyed, Telecom Security Researcher at CS Networks Research Center.


Akib is currently holding a presentation at Nullcon 2015, speaking about the results of the latest research on Centralized Control, Passively sniffing and decoding GSM / satellite Phones data, Locating GSM /Satellite Phones, Jam Particular Channel or Frequency in case of emergency, Locating Fake BTS, IMSI Catchers with the focus on Telecom Core Network as well.


As a result of an extensive research, CS Networks is launching two completely new products. One of them is 2FA Authentication that does not require any interaction from customer, and it is based on a completely automated system giving you an ability to verify the device and mobile phone ownership without asking for the OTA code at all. All you have to do is query and API. It’s amazing – according to Stefan Certic, CTO, - business is aware that every additional step in the process may decrease the conversion rate by a double-digit percentage. With Next Generation 2FA, there’s no need for interaction at all. Yes, it means you can secure your customers with 2FA without even being visible or required.


- There is no room to be left behind. So don’t let yourself being stuck. Go and explore what the world may offer – Milinko Isakovic, CEO is announcing a geo-based marketing service that allows local businesses to target their promotions and campaigns at customers living near their properties. Yes, by texting them automatically. Moreover, no customer database is needed. You can just sit back and enjoy your meal, and get your loyalty voucher straight to your phone. The possibilities are endless.


Our technology deployments aim to satisfy not only the needs of a business enterprise, but also those of the consumers. The revolution in integrated media is transforming all aspects of human activity related to communication and information.



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